The Reher Bakery Interim Building Access Project was undertaken in December 2012 using the $5,900 CDBG award combined with our award from 2011 and the remaining funds from the 2010 award after concluding the Window Restoration Project.  The purpose of the Interim Building Access Project was to acquire an architectural /engineering report that provides us with a master plan to meet our changing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP/FP) needs over the next few years as we proceed with our stabilization efforts.   The immediate objective of the architectural /engineering report is to accelerate the opening of select spaces within the 99 Broadway section of the Bakery at the conclusion of our Building Stabilization Project set to begin this spring.  These spaces will be used for exhibits and programs while the stabilization phase of the overall project shifts into 101 Broadway. Our historic architect, Marilyn Kaplan, is leading this study, assisted by the engineering firm of Crawford & Associates, Hudson, NY.