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Kingston Immigrant Oral History Project

In Spring, 2022, the Kingston Library and the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History launched a collaborative project to gather, document, preserve, and share the oral histories of the immigrant experience in our community.

This project is motivated by a lack of materials in the library’s Local History collection on the immigrant experience of the latter twentieth and early twenty-first century, as well as the value the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History place on the preservation of community history, particularly during a time of rapid demographic change in our city.

Recorded oral histories and transcriptions of the interviews are now part of the Library’s and Center’s collections, ensuring that marginalized voices are included in the historical record and made accessible through public institutions.

Kingston Immigrant Oral History Project is supported with federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds allocated to the New York State Library by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by Southeastern NY Library Resources Council.

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Sewing In Kingston, a digital companion to the exhibition

Sewing in Kingston: a Digital Companion to the Exhibition

This digital companion to the exhibition is designed to honor the landmark exhibit and to share additional stories that were not included in the gallery. Click here to explore the site and enjoy photos, sketches, audio, and video clips that honor the continuing legacy of Sewing in Kingston!

Kingston Multicultural Festival

Click here to encounter the vibrant culture of the Hudson Valley at your own pace by exploring our Kingston Multicultural Festival website. Here, you will discover videos of your Hudson Valley neighbors sharing and teaching the music, languages, foods, and crafts from different cultures. Individuals and families, young and old alike are invited to be a part of this year's festival by contributing a square to our collective Cultural Quilt of the Hudson Valley.

The Reher Center’s Collection includes objects and documents that were left behind by the Reher family in their home and business dating from 1900-2004 as well as artifacts that were recovered from the building’s courtyard during a 2013 archeological dig. This portal of our selected digitized artifacts includes handwritten recipe books, family photographs, and business-related ephemera.

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“Rising Time” presents artifacts collected from one building to tell twin stories of continuity and change in Kingston’s Rondout community between the 1870s and 2004. The exhibit marks the culmination of a major project taken place during the summer of 2017, to research and catalog the Reher Center’s collection of over 5,000 artifacts.

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“Sundays at the Bakery” explores the 1940s through the 1970s, when Kingstonians from the German, Irish, Italian, and Polish communities converged at Reher's Bakery to pick up rolls for breakfast on their way home from church. Explore this site to hear excerpts from interviews with former customers who describe those trips to Reher's Bakery and the delicious breads baked by this Jewish family that made their Sunday breakfasts complete.

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