The “ding, ding” of the door welcomes you in, and Elsie Reher looks up from her knitting in the corner as your gaze darts from the colorful cans of peaches and boxes of Kellog’s Cornflakes on the shelves to the loaf of Rye bread awaiting slicing. A dizzying array of tacked-up hand-written price lists clutter the shelves, but it’s no matter. Mollie Reher has already prepared your family’s order for you, and you barely register the familiarity of the gesture as you hand your money over the counter to her and she expertly draws change from the cash drawer.

This Spring, we need your help to recreate Reher’s Bakery so that visitors on our Historic Bakery Tours can truly step into the shoes of its former owners and customers, and travel back in time to 1950s Rondout with all of their senses. We have brought together a stellar team whose combined professional and personal expertise will create a space where Reher’s Bakery’s former customers, newcomers, school kids and adult visitors alike will discover how immigration, community work, and bread shaped the lives of Kingstonians past and present—and shapes our own lives–in profoundly personal ways.

We have spent the last two years researching the history of this space and those who came here, and we have prototyped Historic Bakery tours with visitors of all ages. We have identified the objects we need to create an immersive space.

Now we need your help to purchase the materials, and hire and train the staff to lead these tours.

Thanks to our match challengers Carol Super Gold & RonDavid Gold, and an Anonymous donor, gifts made by March 15, 2020 will be matched up to $10,500.

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