K-12 Education Programs

Virtual Field Trips to the Reher Center

The Reher Center is pleased to offer virtual field trips free of charge to K-12 classes in Fall 2020. We will honor as many bookings for the following programs as our schedule allows, and will do our best to work with you to adapt these programs to suit your specific curricular needs.

To Book a Virtual Visit: Contact Sarah Litvin at Sarah@ReherCenter.org

"Immigration and Culture"

For younger audiences, a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous program called “Immigration and Culture” features a slideshow lecture and discussion featuring of Frank Reher’s immigration story and the various components of culture. It leaves teachers with an asynchronous assignment to participate in a digital Cultural Quilt of the Hudson Valley. 

      • K-5th grade
      • Themes: Immigration, cultural identity, personal story
      • Hybrid Synchronous and Asynchronous
      • Synchronous Portion: 20 minutes (on platform of teacher’s choice)
Cameron and Kaegan Armstrong show off their Cultural Quilt squares. (Photo by Karen Pillsworth)

“My class of first, second, and third graders at George Washington Montessori School in Kingston loved our virtual visit with Sarah Litvin to the Reher Center. It brought the concepts of immigration to life, and was especially relevant because our class has many recent immigrants, even some who spoke no English when they started this year. My students loved the follow up activity of making a “Cultural Quilt Square,” and are proud to have their work posted on the Reher Center Instagram page.” --Tom Muro, 1st-3rd grade teacher, George Washington School, Kingston, New York.

“Out the Reher’s Windows”

For older students, we offer “Out the Reher’s Windows,” a synchronous program that explores our process of converting an historic building into a museum as well as the history of urban renewal in the Rondout neighborhood. It features close looking at historic photographs and engages students in several writing prompts about the Reher Family’s experience living and working at the same location over a century.

      • 8th-12th
      • Themes: urban change, the museum as and artifact, constructing a narrative
      • Synchronous 1 hour program
April 2020 Virtual Field Trip with Mamaroneck High School

“Ms. Litvin did an excellent job at weaving in our goals throughout the tour, highlighting the idea of choices in how we tell stories and how that parallels the choices in building a museum exhibit and writing history. I would say it a rich lesson for both learning about community, in a way that is deeply culturally relevant. It meets students where they are, honors that, and invites them to think about the world they want to live in and how to get there. –Aaron Shansky, 11th Grade Teacher, Mamaroneck High School”

To Book a Virtual Visit: Contact Sarah Litvin at Sarah@ReherCenter.org

The Reher Center is currently recruiting teachers to join a Teachers Advisory Committee and seeking funding to expand our K-12 education offerings.

Are you a 4th or 8th grade public school teacher interested in working with us to shape an immigration and local history curriculum for your classroom in line with the new Social and Emotional Learning benchmarks? Contact Sarah Litvin at sarah@rehercenter.org.

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