The Spaces Between: Exploring Our Physical and Cultural Borders 

July 6th - September 30th

Join us in exploring the social spaces of marginalized status in American culture through this event series, curated by Elinor Levy of Arts Mid-Hudson and Susie Ximenez of Latinx Project.

All events at Reher Center Gallery

Wednesday | September 18 | 7:30-9 pm
Facilitated Discussion with Kemp Battle: Do We Really Need to Know our DNA?

Join Kemp Battle, who has worked in the field of DNA testing for years, and Elinor Levy of Arts Mid-Hudson to consider the surge of companies that offer DNA testing purporting to tell us exactly who we are ethnically at the metabolic level. What do these tests really tell us about who we are? How do these tests affect us culturally, especially if they tell us we are something different than we thought or were taught?

Saturday | September 7 | 5-8 pm
Mix & Mingle: First Saturday Reception for Adelanta Students & Latinx Project presenta: Bajo la Misma Luna.

Artworks reflecting on the personal journeys of participants in Adelante, a program hosted by Vassar College that guides undocumented youth in New York towards their futures.

Saturday | August 24 | 7 pm
Film Screening: Hyphen and talkback with Director Maria Servellón
Hyphen is a magic realist, short fiction film based on the director’s own memories and experiences. It follows four-character versions on a transformative chronicle: Mimi, Maia, Mia, Ria. They learn to use imaginative forms of art, dance, and music to realize each of their dreams, fears, and achievements. Conjuring the impalpable power of creativity, they are able to overcome different challenges to create their own identities past cultural and gender expectations. Discussion with the director to follow.  RSVP

Sunday | August 18 | 2-4 pm
Presentation: Same Rice, Different Land
The farmers of Ever Growing Family Farm, Nfamara Bajie (Gambia) and Moustapha Diedhiou (Senegal), will talk about using West African Farming techniques in Mid-Hudson New York soil and share stories of their farming traditions.  RSVP

Monday | August 12 | 7-9 pm
Panel Discussion: On a Scale from 1 to 10
Local ethnic restauranteurs will discuss how they have modified their menus to suit the American–and Kingstonian–palate. Facilitated by Reher Center Director Sarah Litvin.  RSVP

July 20
The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History
6-8 pm
Confessions of A Quadroon

Join Barry Mayo in a viewing and discussion of his video Confessions of A Quadroon, featuring biracial spoken word poet Maya Osborne. What happens when we choose particular labels to articulate our identity? What part of our heritage might be left out and who might it hurt?

July 10
The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History
7-9 pm
Migratory Mourning
Maria Elena Ferrer Harrington