Meet Our Founders Circle

The Founders Circle is the lifeblood of our organization. These philanthropic community leaders leverage their time, expertise, resources, and influence to realize the Reher Center’s vision. Members donate an annual minimum of $1,200, which can be paid in monthly installments.

$100/per month ($1,200 annual)

Barbara Blas
Barbara Cohen
Nancy Donskoj
Barry Mayo
Geoffrey Miller
Stephen McGrath and Janine Shefflo
David Smilow and Carolyn Silveira
Pat and Bob Brakman

$250/per month ($3,000 annual)

Jeffrey Farber
Nicole Francis and Joe Famiglietti
Joseph and Jeanne Kovacs
Carol and RonDavid Super Gold
Betsy and David Oden

$500/per month ($6,000 annual)

Eli and Susan Basch
RonDavid and Carol Super Gold
Ward Mintz and Floyd Lattin

In 2019, the Founders Circle took a Hudson River immigrant poetry cruise! As we sailed up and down the Hudson with our pilot Jeff Farber, we read poetry by immigrant authors to this area describing its natural beauty.
Our private Founders Circle reception in August 2020 included a presentation by mural artist Julia Vogl and opportunities to spray paint.
Our private Founders Circle reception in June 2021 included a preview of "The Making of Stitched Together," a short film by Paula Mitchell featuring interviews with the students and teachers behind our courtyard and front windows exhibition.