What does it mean to be Reher Recognized?

The Reher Center grants the title of "Reher Recognized" to those exemplary community bakeries founded on and exhibiting the spirit, values and principles inherent in the original Reher’s Bakery story. These bakeries reclaim the vital role, entrepreneurial spirit, and time-honored presence of family-centered enterprises in their neighborhoods.

How to Nominate a Bakery

You can nominate a bakery in one of two ways:


Online Form

Want to nominate a bakery right now? You can submit a nomination online by visiting our Online Nomination Form.


Email Request

To request a physical nomination form, send an email to info@rehercenter.org. Once you receive your form, be sure to mail it back to the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History located at 101 Broadway, Kingston, NY, 12401.


Black and white photo of baker removing bread from a large oven next to a pile of bread rolls


Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine, New York Public Library


(Bakery owners and staff, you can nominate your own bakery!)


meet the Reher Recognized Bakeries

Circo's Pastry Shop
312 Knickerbocker Avenue | Brooklyn, NY

Heritage:  Italian
Popular Item:  Sicilian cannoli
Tasty Tidbit:  Established in 1945, this family run business has been serving their community for the past 78 years.

"Circo's was my neighborhood bakery growing up and I still compare every bakery I come across to this one."  

Michaeli Bakery
115A Division Street | New York, NY

Heritage:  Israeli
Popular Item:  chocolate babka
Tasty Tidbit: The chef/owner famously worked at "Breads", was mentored by celebrated pastry chef Roni Fredy Mordechai, and led the pastry department at Tel Aviv's famed Lehamim Bakery.

"This is one of my favorite bakeries in New York City, and I have to stop by to load up on their delicious baked goods every time I'm in the city."  

The Bakery

13A N. Front Street | New Paltz, NY

Heritage:  Americana
Popular Item:  bagel
Tasty Tidbit: A community social hub for over forty years, the bakery collaborates with local musicians and visual artists, featuring live performances and a rotating exhibition of art.

"As good as it was a zillion years ago, this lovely place is an institution." 

Cohen's Bakery

89 Center Street | Ellenville, NY

Heritage:  Jewish and Mexican
Popular Item:  raisin pumpernickel bread
Tasty Tidbit: Founded in the 1920s, the bakery supplied many of the famous hotels across the Borscht Belt.

"While for the first time in almost a century the bakery is no longer owned by the Cohen family, their handmade bread and baked goods are as wonderful as ever."  

Overlook Bakery

105 Tinker Street | Woodstock, NY

Heritage: Americana
Popular Item:  olive oil cake
Tasty Tidbit: This married couple began baking out of their kitchen as a hobby serving the community during the Covid-19 pandemic, giving birth to the bakery business.

"Not only the best bakery in the greater Woodstock area, maybe also in the Catskills and the Hudson Valley and any place, ever." 

Half Moon Rondout Cafe

36 Broadway | Kingston, NY

Heritage:  Americana and Russian
Popular Item:  petite hot donut
Tasty Tidbit: Adorned with antique equipment, their automated 1950s contraption called a Donut Robot 42 can crank out a single donut in a minute-and-a-half, a dozen in less than four minutes.

"I can burn bridges all year long, but if I bring in a bag of these donuts, all is forgiven."  

Rosie General

39 Broadway | Kingston, NY

Heritage: Italian, Spanish-Catalan, and Americana
Popular Item: salted chocolate chip cookie
Tasty Tidbit: The business is run by four siblings. The entire family, including parents and spouses, contributed to renovating the former-antique premises.

"It's not full of antiques anymore, but it is full of local products and great food and bakery goods, and that's even better." 


Black and white photo of the Reher family circa 1912-1913

The Reher Family, ca. 1912-13

Who We Are

For nearly a century, two generations of the Jewish immigrant Reher family ran Reher’s Bakery from the storefront of 101 Broadway in Kingston, New York, and lived upstairs. Kingston residents of the surrounding Rondout neighborhood, mostly working class and immigrant, came to Reher’s for bread, canned goods, and gossip.

Today, the site is a museum and cultural center that preserves and honors the legacy of Reher's Bakery and amplifies immigrant stories of the Hudson Valley, past and present. The Reher Center's mission is to foster belonging by engaging all people through culture, community, work, and bread.