Sewing In Kingston, a digital companion to the exhibition

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Stitched Together
Sewing in Kingston Gallery Exhibit
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The Reher Center began collecting stories of Sewing in Kingston in 2019. Driven by our mission to explore and honor stories of immigration, culture and work in the Hudson Valley, the Reher Center set out to create the first major exhibition on the history and contemporary stories of sewing and garment manufacturing in Kingston.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the gallery exhibition, and prolonged and expanded our timeline and methods for discovering and showcasing the variety of rich sewing stories of our city. It also gave us the opportunity to renovate and re-open our gallery, the only space in the Hudson valley dedicated to immigrant stories.

This digital companion to the exhibition is designed to honor the landmark exhibit and to share additional stories that were not included in the gallery. In the pages that follow, enjoy photos, sketches, audio, and video clips that honor the continuing legacy of Sewing in Kingston!

If you would like to take a deeper look at the gallery exhibit and read the accompanying scholar’s essays that set Kington stories in historical and geographical contexts, please consider purchasing a Sewing in Kingston catalog!

The Sewing in Kingston digital companion was curated by Victoria Berrios, Maggie Curtin, Hannah Diamond, Sarah Gordon, Sarah Litvin, and Sydney Maresca in 2019-2022. With thanks to Mike Rice at Net Prophet for his assistance coding the Sewing in Kingston Stories Map.