Stitched Together

Stitched Together features an outdoor exhibition showcasing the early stories of Kingston’s sewing women. Discover the stories of nine specific sewing women from 1918, and view our short documentary showcasing this pandemic-era project, which resulted from a collaboration between three local schools.

The Making of Stitched Together

Throughout the school year, filmmaker Paula Ann Mitchell documented students' work and reflections. "The Making of Stitched Together" premiered in September 13th, 2021.

Filmmaker Paula Ann Mitchell's introduction

"The Making of Stitched Together"

Maria Cabrera, a local dressmaker and pattern maker created reproduction 1910s blouses for Ulster Boces students to use for their part in our Sewing in Kingston exhibit at the Reher Center. Hear Maria describe her process of deciding which fabric, button, and sleeve styles are most appropriate to represent what working-class women from that time would have worn. Thank you Maria for so generously donating your time and skills to this program!
Kingston Catholic School students working to research the former employees of F. Jacobson and Sons Factory


Stitched Together was made possible thanks to significant support from the Coby Foundation and support from Humanities New York.


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