The three-month city-wide series of exhibitions and programming will invite the communities of Kingston and the greater Hudson Valley to explore the social spaces of marginalized status in American culture. The Spaces Between challenges traditional views of "marginalized status" by considering the many ways people can be marginalized, including the undocumented community, the LGTBQ community, and the immigrant community through an exploration of statuses related to race, gender, and sexual identity. Utilizing music, art, poetry, food, storytelling, and discussion, we will investigate what these spaces look like and how we live within and negotiate between these spaces, as well as the normalized statuses that marginalized communities simultaneously reject and desire.

Co-curators: Elinor Levy (ArtsMidhudson), Susie Ximenez (LatinX)

Two Views? /¿Dos Vistas?

July 6th – September 1st, 2019
Reception: Saturday, August 3rd, 7 p.m.
Gallery Talk by artists Jose Acosta and Barry Mayo at 7 p.m.

Two Views? /¿Dos Vistas?, part of Arts Mid Hudson’s multi-site project, The Spaces Between, features the work of two artists exploring the social spaces of marginalized status in American culture. Barry Mayo’s portraits capture both the intimacies and chasms unique to interracial families, while Jose Acosta’s paintings feature the hope and tribulation of immigration. Both artists’ “between” stories kick off a series of multi-media public programs hosted at the Reher Center Gallery that will run through September.

Still from Barry Mayo's "Confessions of a Quadroon"
"Patriot" by Jose Acosta

2.	A home-made poster with “Kids belong in school not in CAGES” written in rainbow block letters on it, as well as images of a hand, a crying face, two books, and the word “EDUCATION” in a scroll Showing through September
Bajo la Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon)

Artworks reflecting on the personal journeys of participants in Adelante, a program hosted by Vassar College that guides undocumented youth in New York towards their futures. This exhibition was curated by Roberto Muller and Susie Ximenez of LatinX, who taught students to use "engagement in creative action."

Showing through November
Voces (Voices)

La Voz and Latinx Project in partnership with the Arts Mid-Hudson Folk Arts Program and the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History presents “Voces: 15 Years of Resilience through the Lens of Journalism in Spanish”. “Voces” is the final exhibit in the 4 month-long series of programming “The Spaces Between”.

Summer 2019 exhibits were made possible thanks to significant support from the Louis Greenspan Charitable Trust, Humanities New York, our Founders Circle, and an anonymous donor.