Here are some of the items, big and small, that the Reher Center needs to function on a day to day basis. We've done the shopping, searching out quality merchandise at competitive prices that will suit our needs. We'll do the ordering and any subsequent pickup. What we need from you is your generosity, an appreciation of what the Reher Center has brought to Kingston's Historic Rondout Waterfront, and a vision of what your support can truly do.

We promise that any funds you contribute will be used to purchase the items you've selected.

HDMI Projector
120" Movie Screen
Storage Shelving (Need 4)
$90 each
Track Lighting (Need 4)
$50 each
Air Purifier
Room Divider (Need 2)
$270 each
Water Dispenser
Padded Chairs (Need 12)
$75 per 4 pack
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
12.5" Laminator