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Sturdy Folding Chairs (30 needed)

These chairs will comfortably seat people of all sizes for Reher Center events and meetings. Our current chairs are flimsy and meant only for seating at short events. Help us make visitors comfortable so they can focus on a film, speaker, or meeting!

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Water Dispenser

Water and Dispenser (1 year)


First Aid Kit

We take every precaution we can to keep safe, but with gallery installations, preservation work, and more, someone could get injured at the Reher Center. Help us to be prepared!


Fire Extinguisher (4 needed)

Charred wood around the interior windows of the Reher Center Gallery suggests that there was once a fire in our building. We don’t want another! Help us to keep everyone safe in the unlikely event of another as we open up more spaces at the Reher Center to the public.

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Storage Shelving (4 needed)

In preparation for our education and gallery programs this summer, we gathered all kinds of materials, including crayons, laminated copies of images, speakers, mysterious historic artifacts, bags of various varieties of rice, and so much more. Give these supplies a home!

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Room Divider #1

To block our unsightly office and the light from exterior windows for evening events and film screenings.


Room Divider #2

To hide storage from Gallery view for improved visitor experience and to enable easier storage access for staff and volunteers.


Film Screen

As we host more screenings and presentations, we need our own screen!


Film Projector

A projector (and screen) will not only equip us to host a wide variety of programs; it will also enable us to develop more sustainable practices by projecting documents rather than printing out copies for meetings.



To protect photos and documents used for school groups



Our current computer is a slow hand-me-down from the Jewish Federation office. To effectively edit oral histories, build a digital photo repository, design exhibits and graphics, participate in off-site meetings and more, we need a robust laptop.


Track Lighting (2 needed)

Only half of our Gallery has lights that can be moved and focused on art pieces--help us light the other half so we can bring in more extensive exhibitions.

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Air Purifier

Reher is an important historical site, and to help preserve artifacts from dust and mildew (and to help visitors breathe easier) we need an air filter.



This category is a catch-all for items you can’t buy for us directly, but which we need. It includes the design and production of Directional Outdoor Signage, mattes & frames for gallery shows, the addition of two new electrical outlets in our gallery space, and more. A donation of $6,000 toward these projects would address our immediate needs.

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Paper Cutter

To create education materials, event fliers, and more.


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